You, the Total Rewards professional, stand at the nexus of business and people today. And the stakes have never been higher for you or your company. Your mission: Deliver a Total Rewards strategy that attracts top talent and is competitive, engaging, and sustainable. So, are you doing everything possible to position your company to win the war for talent?  

Total Rewards‘24 is the premier learning experience for ambitious and curious rewards professionals. We have the speakers and programs that will deliver actionable, measurable solutions in a fun and dynamic setting.  And we take the work out of networking with plenty of opportunities to connect with your peers and be part of a larger movement to transform how talent is rewarded in our organizations. 

Why Attend?

Total Rewards‘24 will prepare you to design and execute strategies that will move the bottom line, elevate your HR practice, and polish your professional reputation. 

Sharpen Your Skills

Step outside your day-to-day and immerse yourself in a learning experience designed exclusively with your needs in mind.

Get Inspired

Settle into your front-row seat for the latest Total Rewards trends delivered by the best minds in the industry. Give yourself the gift of a renewed sense of purpose. 

Gain Actionable Insights

Build on-the-spot solutions to your company’s talent challenges and access new skills for creating rewards programs that compete and win.

Expand your Network

There’s no better place to meet like-minded people, share ideas and get very specific feedback on real-world issues. Your phone will groan under the weight of new contacts from a range of industries.

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