Drive Organizational Success with
Powerful Rewards Strategies

Total Rewards’23 will unleash new knowledge and activate engagement across the Total Rewards ecosystem. Interactive learning encourages deeper connections and thought-provoking discussions fueled by leading-edge content that will have you reevaluating your old game plans.

Our focus is solidly business-centered, delivering tangible and actionable ideas you can take away and implement immediately. We also aim to give you long-lasting wisdom and tools to solve the problems you have—and the ones you don’t know about yet. 

Session Formats


Lively interactive discussion with opposing views.

Interactive Panel

Case studies presented from multiple perspectives, these sessions will include facilitated Q&A from the audience and panelists.


Good old-fashioned moderated interview with audience Q&A.


Outcomes-focused session showcasing best practices, lessons learned “in the trenches” and actionable insights. 

Engage Live

An interactive session that includes a brief presentation of a strategy or idea followed by an informal and collaborative conversation among session participants. 

Express Learning

Bite-sized learning focused on new strategies, processes or techniques impacting the Total Rewards profession.

5 Content Tracks


To optimize talent acquisition and retention, your benefits programs must keep up with your workforce’s evolving needs. Social and economic stress have made employee mental, physical and financial wellness a top priority. Find out if your benefits programs are positioned to meet changing demands and gain the tools to level up your programs and grab a competitive edge.


It can be daunting to navigate today’s changing compensation landscape amid a historically competitive labor market. Inflation, pay transparency requirements and fluctuating compensation are just the tip of the iceberg. This track presents strategies for developing innovative and flexible compensation practices and policies that will continuously reward both traditional workforces and new arrivals like remote and gig workers. 

Strategic Total Rewards

Workforce expectations and the employee-employer relationship have shifted markedly over the past few years. This track explores the drivers of the modern workforce, human capital sustainability and innovative reward strategies that fuel professional, purpose-driven outcomes. It also explores benefits that promote holistic employee wellness inside and outside the workplace.

Executive Compensation

Sound executive compensation strategies drive business performance while aligning with stakeholder priorities. This track is dedicated to learning, adapting, and responding to an uncertain and unpredictable landscape. Topics dive into the performance, recruitment, and retention challenges of top-tier talent, touching the executive compensation challenges you currently face. The role of today’s compensation committee goes beyond executive pay to include human capital management priorities. You’ll be ready to offer new strategies and answer tough questions on executive rewards from the board and other C-suite leaders.

Workplace Equity

Your organization's compensation and Total Rewards strategy play an essential role in workplace equity. You need to attract and retain top talent all while mitigating legal risk. Sessions in this track will help you make your organization's inclusion and diversity efforts tangible by leveraging its pay and benefits strategy to work for everyone. You’ll learn to identify and reconcile inequities in your compensation plan and how to make your culture a more powerful driver of organizational success.