Become a Community Connector

Sign up today for a unique, fun volunteer opportunity to help first-time Total Rewards’23 attendees feel welcome and engaged at the conference! Becoming a Community Connector is a great way to give back to the profession, broaden your network and raise your profile as a leader in our community.


To be considered for this role, you must be a WorldatWork member who has: 

  • Three or more years of experience in the field of Total Rewards. 

  • Attended at least one WorldatWork annual conference in the past five years.   

  • A desire to share your enthusiasm for the Total Rewards conference and ensure new attendees have a positive, memorable experience. 


After you sign up, the WorldatWork Events team will reach out to you with further information and instructions. 

Sign Up to Be a Total Rewards’23 Community Connector!

Each Connector will be assigned a small group of 3-5 conference first timers. Whenever possible, we will match Connectors with new Total Rewards’23 attendees who are from the same region and/or who work in the same industries or similarly sized organizations.

You’ll be asked to update your profile on the conference app with a photo and other information about yourself. Two weeks prior to the event, you will attend a virtual planning meeting to ensure you have all the information and guidance you need from the conference team.


Connectors will also get in touch with their assigned “connectees” to say hello and set up a date and time to meet at Total Rewards’23. To make this process as easy as possible, the WorldatWork team will give you a template to follow when reaching out to your new contacts. Connectors are encouraged to post about the conference on social media to get people excited about the event.

You’ll wear a WorldatWork “Community Connector” badge provided at registration to identify yourself as a friendly resource to new attendees. Connectors also serve as table hosts for the conference’s opening session and attend the Sunday Champagne Welcome reception, where they’ll meet their connectees face to face.


You’ll check in with your connectees via text throughout the conference to ask how they’re doing and if you can answer any questions for them. We hope you schedule time to grab coffee or drink together—or invite them to sit with you at the opening session breakfast.


Community Connectors should also make plans to meet the connectees at a session or in the Connection Zone. And be sure to introduce them to some of your colleagues or contacts—and each other—so they’ll go home with new connections who share their interests.

You’ll be recognized and celebrated as a Community Connector at Total Rewards’23, noting your willingness to step up during the very first year of this exciting program. And because this initiative is so new, you’ll help us shape it as you go, providing valuable feedback on how we can improve it for next year. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the Total Rewards community, raise your visibility as a leader, broaden your network, and just have fun!