Navigating Total Rewards in Today’s Global Workforce
Date & Time
Monday, June 12, 2023, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Strategic Total Rewards
Session Format
Featured Session

In today’s interconnected world, the actions and decisions of individuals, businesses, and nations can have far-reaching impacts across geographical, cultural, and economic boundaries. We live and work in a global community that is interdependent—requiring cooperation, collaboration, and understanding to navigate effectively. As Total Rewards professionals, we need to be keenly attuned to global trends so we can prepare our organizations and workforces for what is next. Join this panel of global experts, hosted by WorldatWork President Mihai Popoaca, as they explore how key economic and geopolitical events (e.g., inflation, the war in Ukraine, energy dependence, etc.) and the worldwide digital transformation (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, the “anywhere office,” etc.) are impacting the future of work and our workforces and all things Total Rewards. Hear diverse perspectives and real case studies from Zereon Associates’ Partner & CEO Mario Ceron, Peoplematters’ Cofounder & CEO Susana Marcos, and How2Pay Consultoria’s Founder Fernanda Abilel as they share insights on these complex issues and take real-time questions from the audience!  

Learning Objectives
• Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of geopolitical events in shaping the planning and delivery of rewards.
• Engage in meaningful discussions regarding the imperative for collaboration among HR and Rewards professionals across borders, while exploring practical strategies for effective communication and alignment to foster success.
• Discuss the future of work and skills in the profession including the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in advancing Rewards outcomes and its potential implications for organizations.