Full Name
Min Park
Job Title
Global Head of People Analytics
Speaker Bio

Min has dedicated her career to People Analytics, enabling companies to thrive through a clearer understanding of their people and workforce dynamics. She currently serves as the Global Head of People Analytics at CloudKitchens, a company operating in stealth mode under the leadership of former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. While she cannot discuss her work there, she can offer insights based on her previous experiences at Hulu and Mercer.

At Hulu, Min played a key role as the Director of People Analytics, establishing its Hulugan Sciences function and overseeing HR Technology and Talent Management Shared Services, including Compensation and Performance Management. Prior to Hulu, Min spent 12 years at Mercer in the Workforce Sciences practice, applying quantitative methods to address organization-wide talent challenges for Fortune 100 companies across various industries.

Growing up in seven different countries – South Korea, Morocco, Algeria, France, Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S. – Min developed a fascination with cultural differences and human behaviors. She studied Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics at Cornell University, which gave her a shortcut to understanding the world around her, and nurtured her curiosity in people and incentive systems. 

Min is a designer at heart, with an endless appetite for refining and communicating complex ideas to make them accessible to anyone. She brings deep expertise in analyzing and harnessing vast quantities of data to deliver truthful and insightful stories about the workforce, shaping people related systems to maximize business outcomes.

Min Park