Full Name
Teresa Hoover
Job Title
Senior Vice President of Total Rewards
Sony Pictures
Speaker Bio

Teresa has spent over 20 years in Total Rewards with an emphasis on compensation. She believes in taking a data-driven approach to designing, developing, and scaling total rewards programs. She is currently the SVP of Global Total Rewards for Sony Pictures, joining Sony in April. 

Prior to Sony Pictures, Teresa was the Director of Global Compensation for Netflix charged with scaling Netflix’s unique compensation philosophy. A few highlights from her time at Netflix include building out the first compensation team for Netflix and establishing the teams overarching philosophy, building and rolling out a comprehensive data and market segmentation strategy, which included working with traditional and non-traditional compensation data sources, and leading a change management effort. Prior to Netflix, Teresa spent 14 years at Mercer working in Compensation and Benefits. It’s where she and Min partnered on the intersection of People Analytics and Comp!

Teresa believes the landscape of rewards, specifically compensation data and its application is changing and will need more creative thinking in the future. She is passionate about ensuring rewards programs support an organizations talent and ultimately business strategy. 

Teresa Hoover