Full Name
Gurkan Ay
Job Title
Resolution Economics, LLC
Speaker Bio
Gurkan Ay is a Director in the Washington, DC office of Resolution Economics, LLC. As a labor economist, he conducts economic and statistical analysis for employment discrimination cases brought under Title VII and environmental justice matters related to Title VI, other employment and wage and hour matters, and affirmative action issues. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from the George Washington University, M.Sc. in Finance from University of Wyoming, as well as a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.
Prior to joining Resolution Economics, Dr. Ay was a consultant at ERS Group and assisted clients from various industries (including retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing) within the context of class actions as well as single plaintiff cases at various phases of the legal process including class certification, settlement, and damage calculations. He worked on projects focusing on proactive analyses of race and gender in college acceptance decisions and employment decisions such as compensation, performance evaluation, promotion, and termination. Dr. Ay’s experience includes analysis of mutual fund market timing and late trading claims, financial damages projects, antitrust matters, and serving clients participating in the FCC’s spectrum auctions.
Dr. Ay also analyzed collective bargaining contracts for local governments, prepared dynamic labor force simulation models to evaluate multiple labor contract proposals, and analyzed apportionment of investment income in state taxation of an automobile manufacturer while working as an economist for American Economics Group.
Gurkan Ay