“Soft” Skills are the New Power Skills for the Future of Work
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As work becomes more automated and, ready or not, we entrust more responsibilities to machines and AI, it’s actually the uniquely human skills workers possess that are becoming even more critical for companies to focus on. What we formerly deemed “soft” skills are now the “power” skills required to ensure organizational success—today and into the future. How can we update our rewards strategies to enhance leader and manager upskilling efforts, making sure they are aligned with organizational goals? How do we grow the emotional intelligence and other skills required for critical communication and complex decision making? Join FIS’s Global Head of Performance Management Kayla Ohlson and Universal Music Group’s Senior Vice President of People Experience Natoya Brown for an in-depth exploration of how they have addressed these key issues. Learn from their experience and gain insights into how you could incorporate their approaches into your organization to have a positive impact.