Full Name
Lynda Phenix
Job Title
Director Compensation
Intel Co
Speaker Bio
Lynda has 20+ years experience in Human Capital, with specializations in rewards and talent development. Over the past 10 years, she has focused her career on the topic of job architecture and talent enablement through skills pathways through leading global workforce transformation projects as both an external consultant and currently internally focused at Intel Corporation. In her current role she is part of a global team that is in the stabilization stage of a major job architecture and skills redesign initiative as the cornerstone to Intel's integrated talent management strategy. Lynda holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development/Industrial Psychology from Johns Hopkins University. Lynda has spoken at previous World at Work Total Rewards conferences including the 2023 panel discussion "Under the Hood with Leading Multi Industry Survey SMEs: Exploring Beyond Basic Methods" and a lead speaker in the 2022 conference with "Empowering Critical Talent for Growth: The Intersects of Job Architecture, Rewards and Skills."
Lynda Phenix