The State of Student Loans and Workforce Benefits
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 4:30 PM - 4:55 PM
Session Format
Express Learning
Target Attendee Experience Level
Entry: Awareness with Limited Experience

There has been a fundamental shift in the United States' discussion of student debt and its impact on individuals. Leading organizations are taking advantage of the national conversation and recent legislation to adapt their employee benefits package to meet the needs of an evolving workforce and increase financial security. Using national and propriety data, SoFi at Work will share how to mitigate the impact of debt on employee productivity and Total Rewards perception.

Learning Objectives
• Gain an understanding of the state of education/student debt in the United States, including recent legislative changes.
• Identify tools and tactics to measure the impact of debt on your workforce.
• Learn how a leading employer reimagined their benefits package to attract, retain, and engage a critical talent segment.