Changing Work Patterns and the Impact on Benefits
Date & Time
Monday, June 12, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Format
Target Attendee Experience Level
Entry: Awareness with Limited Experience

Over half of employees are going to leave or are considering leaving their employer. Health and retirement benefits are most significant in the employees’ decisions to stay or leave. Currently, 80% of employers offer one type of health plan, leaving workers with plans that don’t meet their needs. Over 64% of employees prefer to have benefits choices.

There’s a solution that goes beyond the traditional health plan. ICHRA’s (individual coverage HRA’s) solve for employers’ needs for cost containment and for employees’ desire for more choices.

Learning Objectives
• Learn how employers set a defined dollar amount to contribute tax-free each year to the employee, and how employees use that money to buy ACA-compliant individual health insurance in the open market.
• Review standard ICHRA, how they fall short, and how Nexben’s payment platform fixes those shortfalls.
• Learn from case studies showing how companies realize annual premium cost savings between 30-60%, controlling costs and increasing choices to better meet the needs of employees.