Closing Session - Four Ways YOU Can Change the World at Work
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Session Format
Main Stage

Today, we are experiencing the greatest test the working world has faced in generations: The Great Resignation, quiet quitting, career cushioning, social and political unrest, a generational divide, a potential recession…and more. Kristen Hadeed believes that if we want our organizations to continue thriving, now and in the future, the ways we think about leadership, culture and business need to shift—soon and in a big way. Why? Because standing still in a rapidly changing world is the fastest way to slip backwards.  

As a leadership thought leader, author and entrepreneur, Kristen has spent the last decade working with high-performing teams, executives and boards all over the world. She has helped them tackle some of the biggest challenges organizations currently face:  

  • How do we know what the future of leadership and business look like?  
  • How do we build cultures of belonging and connection?  
  • How do we build trust amongst our teams?  
  • How do we bridge the generational gap?  
  • How do we stay competitive when it comes to attracting talent?  
  • How do we give people more than just a job (i.e., how do we REALLY engage and inspire them)?  

In this session, Kristen will challenge traditional leadership approaches that simply don’t work in today’s world and share actionable steps YOU can take to build the best version of your organization! 


Session Takeaways Include: 

  • Explore 4 key elements of culture that will be critical as we look to the future: passion, freedom, growth and care/belonging. 
  • Understand the shifts needed to spark engagement, increase retention and decrease unnecessary turnover. 
  • Learn how to inspire a higher level of buy-in. 
  • Identify what mindsets, approaches and mentalities must shift to remain competitive. 
  • Discover how to bridge the generational gap.