Improving Health & Welfare Benefits While Keeping Costs Flat
Date & Time
Monday, June 12, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Session Format
Target Attendee Experience Level
Intermediate: Hands-on and Practical Application

In spite of rising healthcare costs, challenging market dynamics like specialty pharmacy, hyperinflation and a changing healthcare landscape, Northern Tool + Equipment has been able to deliver flat health and welfare costs and a richer benefits package for 3 years and running. Join this case study to hear about the methodological process they followed to design their long-term benefits strategy and how your organization can incorporate a similar approach.

Learning Objectives
1. Use data to stratify risk to keep healthy people healthy and those with chronic conditions from worsening, and support those with catastrophic conditions in health and clinical outcomes while mitigating company risk.
2. Evaluate cost containment tactics to deploy the most impactful solutions.
3. Align health and welfare strategy to broader business and people strategy within your organization.
4. Apply a multipronged approach to benefits communication throughout the year to improve employees’ engagement and education.